Simon Latus Media Ltd 

Computer Graphics & Technical Solutions for TV & Media

Our Services

Our Services include the following.  However, each project we work on is unique and our service is tailored accordingly.  So if you have a requirement which is not listed below, please contact us. 

On-Screen Graphics

Can provide 2D and 3D real-time graphics and animations.  We can produce multiple outputs to simultaneously drive contestant screens, video walls, producer mimics, onscreen graphics etc.

Able to manipulate live video and VT clips in a 3D space enabling the creation of a 3D scene.

Scoring Systems

Judges scoring
On-Screen score graphics
In-shot scoring

Results analysis from audience participation and text message voting.

Customisable Producer displays showing information relevant to their show.

Buzzers and Bells - we can supply a durable switch mechanism which can be mounted in set or stand alone.  Our preferred system of buzzers uses air switches that have proven to be extremely reliable.

Simple systems available for pilots and studio/office run-throughs.

Voting Systems

Voting handsets - for whole audiences or smaller panels of people eg. judges.  These are available as a wired or wireless system.

We have also developed a totally customisable voting system using the latest iTouch technology.  This opens up a new level of flexibility when using contributor or audience interaction.  There is no longer a restriction on the number or type of answer choices available.  This technology provides a unique and totally customisable voting surface.

Text message voting.
Phone voting.
E-mail voting.

We can also provide data mining services and analysis of results and can produce graphic displays based on this information as required.

Software Design

We provide bespoke software for complete show control - from questions and answers, real-time graphical displays and animations, to lighting and sound effects that are synchronised with game play.

Our software is designed with a user interface that makes operation as easy and error-proof as possible.  It is easily extensible.

Our software is based on tried and tested libraries with a proven track record of stability and reliability.

Studio Integration

Our systems are designed to integrate seamlessly into the studio chain, allowing for quick rig times.  The software we write can communicate with lighting and sound desks using MIDI or DMX.

We generate video output that is c0mpliant with all SD and HD standards in use today providing SDI fill and key signals.

Our Producer mimics are coded into PAL or NTSC for easy distribution throughout the system.

We have a video playback system which can be mapped out on any surface or 3D space.

Stereo balanced sound effects. 

Equipment Hire

We can provide the equipment for all your computer and technical requirements, on hire terms that suit your production needs.  It can be delivered safely and reliably to an address either in the UK or Worldwide.

Current Projects

Dancing on Ice
Ice Panel in-shot screens, Ice Panel scoring system, graphics, scoreboard.

National Lottery
Developed computer system used weekly on BBC1 lottery shows for producing draw result graphics.
Provide stand alone system that gathers data from a remote website to generate real-time graphics for National Lottery website.